Bespoked Bristol 2015


Our lives have changed recently, for the better 🙂 after the arrival of the new addition to the family, but we still managed the annual trip to bespoked. Luckily this year the show returned to its original venue in Bristol close to Temple Meads Train station.

The show didn’t disappoint, and Nate behaved himself so we were able to make the most of the stunning bikes on show. This year I was particularly focused and on amazing paint jobs on offer, a selection of which can be seen in the gallery above.

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Favourite Instagram photographs of 2014

This gallery contains 18 photos.

A selection of my favourite photos taken with the camera I carry everyday – iPhone 5s Malvern priory park sunrise. Out and about at Work. My little lemond fixie. The long way home. The French Alps during the Summer. On … Continue reading

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My Strava Story

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Starting to get excited out Cyclecross

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BlackStone Rock Poppies

BlackStone Rock Poppies

ISO 200
50mm lens
1/125 sec

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Wobbly yoga

I have attended a yoga class now for roughly the last 15 years, but only practice once a week, (I’m hoping to change this) each class has never really defined the type of yoga practiced just a generic yoga class, although I have since learned they have all probably been a derivative of Hata yoga.
I currently attend two very different classes one focuses heavily on breathing exercises particularly analoma veloma – alternative nostril breathing and kapalabalti – blowing feather off nose breathing. The other has changed quite considerable since I first attended a few years ago, each asana now seems to in corporate pratapana practices (what can only be described a wobbling in each posture).
At first this slightly bothered me, now it has got to the annoying stage.
I’m unsure if there is any added benefit to moving within a pose it just feels quite alien and a little awkward. I think I must have quite a purist approach to yoga trying to go as deep as possible within each asana whether I’m losing out because of this I guess time will tell?

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Another 85 miles under the belt

Strava you are so evil!

So a new month a new Gran Fondo challenge, determined to be more prepared this time we planned for a 9.30am departure with no extreme drinking the evening before, even with England kicking off their first World Cup game at 11pm.
Different route this time, depart from Worcester towards Stratford into the Cotswolds and back to Worcester via Evesham, inspired by the excellent route planner Terry.
It was a bit touch and go whether my battery on my phone would hold out for the entirety of the route, it just can’t cope with being used as a navigation devise for 6 hours and did die just past the 80miles luckily my faithful Garmin held out! Imagine doing 80 miles and having no record of the journey!!!


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First 80 mile ride

20140528-143242-52362296.jpgI have been meaning to attempt my first century for a while now, having failed a couple of recent strava challenges I was determined not to fail my most recent Gran Fondo 5 do one ride consisting of at least 130km!
This mammoth ride would be attempted on bank holiday, the route was planned taking in Ankerdine Hill again (just for fun) data loaded on the the phone using cyclemeter for directions and strava tracking the ride, plus a garmin as a back up.
All was going great guns until the garmin recorded 30miles


John’s rear tyre was left swishing round the rim, bugger 🙁 not just a flat but a tear in the tyre too, after a small time faffing with patches and cardboard we were back on route.
Short stop at Upton for food and refreshments and it wasn’t long before we reached our first half century just passed Powick this was celebrated Cav style. Next major landmark was Ankerdine, rejecting the idea of stopping to refill water bottles at the bottom we reached the top swiftly and stopped at the first pub for a well deserved drink, just short of 60miles completed. Unfortunately at this point I made the decision to stop following the map as my phone was down to 20% battery life, thankfully the garmin was looking at bit more healthy. Due to having to wing it on the remaining part of the route we arrived in Worcester 10miles short, no problem let’s just cycle around a little longer. After completing 80miles we were both in agreement we could have easily added another 20miles but time was against us after our casual start. I was disappointed in the phones battery life but it did just make it completing on 4% maybe it was because I was running two apps with GPS? Next challenge 80miles fixed, or straight for the century?


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Letterpress Collective


I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in printing. It was very informative and a great hands on way to experience letterpress printing. Nick Hand is a great teacher and an exceptionally nice guy, he even introduced us to one of the best coffee shops in Bristol. It helps if you have an idea of what you would like to achieve, both myself and John had posters in mind, as time is precious a little pre-planning helped us get the most out of the day. The choice of machines and printing blocks is huge, I could have easily spent another day in the workshop. We were lucky enough to see the Heidelberg printer in action, operated by Terry Wright. It made a great noise, productively churning out prints in the background.
Lunch and refreshments are provided, thanks to Roll for the Soul




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Wales weekend CBY and Climach

20140506-124555.jpgPretty pleased with my efforts this weekend only just missed a queen on the dragons back loop and managed to bag the queen on the climach route!
Climax screenshot

Dragons back Screen Shot

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